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Wyn Jones performs wedding magic

The best reasons for having a close up magician at your wedding.

Wyn Jones performs wedding magic

They say that getting married is the best day of your life but for me, that’s not true, and my wife will agree. That said, you can forgive us for choosing the day our twins came in to the world for taking that top honour. There is no doubt however, that my wedding day was a truly memorable occasion that I will always cherish.

As a close up table magician I have been to and performed at hundreds of weddings, from glam and glitzy ones at castles to small family affairs in local pubs. From highly organised ones with hired wedding planners to informal gatherings in marquees in the clients own garden. What these weddings all have in common is that they are special days that bring people together in celebration of the happy couple.

As a close up magician and also as a comedy magic performer I am lucky insofar as I help make a happy day even happier. Everything a magician does is based around entertaining people. Wowing them. Amazing them. Making them smile. Think of magic as the icing on the wedding experience cake.

So what are these reasons to have a magician at my wedding I hear you ask? Well there are a few and they are not limited to:

  1. Keeping your guests entertained during the quieter moments.

There are always lulls during every wedding day. Typically as the guests arrive at the reception whilst the photographs are being taken and after the wedding breakfast but before the evening event kicks off. With only a small group taken off for photographs there can be periods of up to an hour before the wedding breakfast where people would really appreciate entertainment. There may be canapés but instead of rumbling tummies waiting for food, doesn’t the rumbling murmur of excitement as the magician passes through the room sound more exciting? Also, before your evening guests arrive, what better than someone to entertain you and your guests with wandering close up magic and maybe even a short comedy magic show where everyone can gather around to watch.

  1. An Ideal ice-breaker?

At your wedding, as well as close family and close friends you may have work colleagues, rarely seen family and friends from afar. An eclectic mix that in everyday situations perhaps wouldn’t socialise. This is even more apparent during the wedding breakfast when they are seated on the same table. A good table magician banishes those awkward silences by energising the table, entertaining them and even getting applause and cheering.  Once the magician leaves the table there is a buzz of excitement as they all discuss what they have seen.

  1. Making YOUR wedding stand out.

Magicians got to lots and lots of weddings. Although we go to so many, we tend to forget that we are still quite novel and of great interest to wedding-goers. People are used to seeing DJ’s and bands, and even the best ones may not garner the same reaction as a decent close-up magician. There is a period of your life where you may find yourself going to lots of weddings so something as simple and effective as a quality close-up magician can really make your wedding stand out from the others.

  1. To work in conjunction with others at your wedding.

A lot of professional magicians will have worked with several other wedding providers. They will know the venue and the organisers; they may have worked with toastmasters and harpists. Very often they will have worked time and again with the same wedding photographers and videographers. Fellow professionals that can combine their experience in ensuring that the ‘Wow’ factor is captured forever. Imagine looking at your photographs in years to come and seeing not only the formal wedding portraits but candid moments of your guests showing their shock and surprise after seeing a trick that completely baffles them. A good magician isn’t just known for the tricks that he does but also his/her professionalism when working. At the end of the day, this is something we do all the time, but for you it is THE special day.

  1. It works for ALL ages.

A good magician will be able to adapt their act to suit the audience. At other events, the people watching are generally going to be similar. A similar age at a 40th birthday party, a similar income and social standing perhaps at a Masonic event, the same interests at a club or society event. At weddings however, you will have young children up to the most senior family member. There will be people of a wide range of demographics. It’s no good approaching a group of elderly aunts in the same way as the twenty somethings you work with, but the best pro’s will slip effortlessly from one ‘character’ to another and perform their tricks (and jokes) differently depending on who’s in front of them. That sort of all encompassing entertainment is why a professional wedding magician works so well.

Not all magicians are going to be right for your wedding, but with over 22 years experience performing at weddings up and down the country I feel that I can help ensure that YOUR day is made that much better. Call or e-mail now for more information or to check out availability.